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Thanks for volunteering to vet the pets! We need you to do two things.

1. Stop offensive material

This is the internet and some people are jerks. There is the possibility that people will upload obscene or offensive material and we need you to help weed it out. So be warned that by volunteering to check submission to the site you may see unpleasant things. If you can't immediately think of 17 horrible ways people might try to prank this site, the job might not be for you. By registering you agree that you are over 18 or whatever age in your country you need to be to view such things, just in case.

2. Check submissions are real

We ask for pets but people upload their children, friends, siblings and inanimate objects. We do not allow any humans to be registered; some attempts are good natured (others are probably bullying) but we still remove them all. We do not allow inanimate objects including pet rocks, dead animals or Python v3.6 (all real examples people have tried).

If it looks like it might not be a real pet, flag it up for additional review. We'll email them and check they do have that actual pet. Don’t worry about checking videos for quality or accuracy; just make sure they’re not obscene and seem to be a pet. If you have additional mathematical concerns with a video drop us an email.

You’ll use your email to log in, and we might need to get in touch.
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